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Author News -

  • ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. As I write this, it is January 2, 2017. One year ago today Her Deadly Inheritance became available to readers. 2016 was an amazing year as readers kept this debut novel on Amazon's Top 100 in the Christian romantic suspense category for six months, and then the Top 100 in three other fiction categories.

    Only the Lord could make such a thing happen for a first-time author. But I'm also sending A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who helped make that possible.

    In addition to, Her Deadly Inheritance is still available through
    Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and Barnes & Noble, or by ordering it at your local bookstore.

  • HER FATHER'S EYES AT THE PUBLISHER. In early December I sent the second novel--a sequel to Her Deadly Inheritance--to the publisher. If all goes well, we may see this novel released to readers later this year. I'll keep you posted.

    Who's trying to kill Jill's birth father?
    When Jill accepts her father's invitation to visit him over the Christmas holidays, she finds him gravely ill. In no time, she and Clay are thrust into a desperate battle with a
    wily adversary who is determined to destroy her father and any future Jill and Clay are planning.

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    Wednesday, February 8 - Beth will speak on the nature of true love in Oshkosh WI at 6:30 p.m. The all-parish event is sponsored by LIFT (Ladies Together in Faith). More details to follow as they become available.
    See the Calendar page

    In the meantime . . .

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