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Beth's Speaking Topics



For Special Events

Do you need a speaker for your seasonal or holiday celebration? Let Beth bring a message of "life changing love" wrapped in the occasion's special beauty. (See the following example.)


"Courageous Women of God" - Mothers Day

Beth brings an uplifting message of inspiration and encouragement through the lives of mothers---one biblical and six modern-day. Each faced a different challenge and found in God and his Word all they needed for victory.

Past events for this topic: 2011 Mother's Day Breakfast (Temperance MI)


For Women's Events


"Building Commitment in Marriage"

Married 47 years to her college sweetheart, Beth shares the foundations for building a lasting and loving marriage.

Past events for this topic: MOPS (Brooklyn WI and Fort Atkinson WI)


"Me? A Proverbs 31 Woman???"

A fun, interactive look at Proverbs 31, suitable for a workshop-length retreat activity or break-out session.

Past events for this topic: New Life Fall Women's Retreat (Waupaca WI)



Beth's personal, ongoing study of First Corinthians 13 spanning twenty-five years gives her a rich and biblically sound basis for teaching on the topics listed in the Holy Bible's "Love Chapter": Love is patient, kind, does not envy, does not boast, is not proud, is not rude, is not self-seeking, is not easily angered, keeps no record of wrong, does not delight in evil, rejoices in the truth, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, never fails.

She is well-versed in these topics in regards to (1) God's love for us, (2) the love God desires from us and works in our hearts, and (3) the love God wants us live out in our relationships with others. Not only is this love the foundational subject for all of her writings, it is the love she seeks to live in Christ Jesus.

Discuss your topic needs in this area with Beth to decide on a talk supporting your vision of God's purposes for your group or event.


"Living With Chronic Illness"

Before the Lord healed her, Beth was labeled "permanently disabled" with Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome for twelve years and two months. Using examples from her story, Beth offers hope and helpful insights for the chronically ill, their caregivers, family members and friends.


"Your Rebel Child"

When tour child turns away from God and makes life altering choices, your dreams shatter, and fear takes over. Beth knows your pain. She also knows how to join forces with God on behalf of your loved one. Find comfort, hope and help as she offers seven powerful prayers for your prodigal while you wait for him or her to come hiome.


For Writers


"Understanding POV (Point of View)"

What is POV? How can you use it effectively and recognize any problems you need to correct in your stories to give them maximum POV effect? Beth covers the basics with a hands-on worksheet to get you started.

Past events for this topic: 2011 Word & Pen Christian Writers meeting (Menasha WI).


"Don't Despise Your Small Beginnings!"

Christian writers dream of achieving great things, but God's plan may include "small beginnings." Are we willing to let God train us up through those "small beginnings"? Are we willing to let him use our craft to bless readers in ways only he could foresee? Beth offers inspiration and encouragement as you continue to pursue your God-given writing dream.

Past events for this topic: 2004 Poets and Wordsmiths Writer's Conference (Hartford WI)


"God's Call to Write"

Beth addresses your doubts and fears as she covers 24 tips to help you recognize, answer, and protect God's awesome call to write for his glory

Past events for this topic: 2007 Lighthouse Christian Writers Fall Seminar (Oconto WI)


"Growing a Dynamic Writers' Group"

Co-founder of Word & Pen Christian Writers, Beth brings her years of experience to help your new group get off to a great start or your present group achieve its dynamic potential.

Past events for this topic: 2004 Poets & Wordsmiths Writer's Conference (Hartford WI); Lighthouse Christian Writers (Peshtigo WI)


"Is a Critique Group for You?

What is a writers' manuscript critique group like? Beth covers the costs and benefits, a typical meeting's content, and the basics on critiquing that leads to growth and publication.

Past events for this topic: 2006 WFCA Writer's Conference (Hartford WI); Word & Pen Christian Writers (Menasha WI)

"Seeking God in Your Writing"

Beth reveals seven principles of putting God at the center of your writing and his seven rewards as you do.

Past events for this topic: 2005 Poets & Wordsmiths Writer's Conference (Hartford WI)


"Web Design for Writers"

Beth covers the basics of designing a writer's Web site including: honing your purpose, planning your content and page design, finding the right Web design resources, deciding on the right hosting service, and attracting Internet traffic.

Past events for this topic: 2007 WFCA Writer's Conference (Appleton WI); 2009 Green Lake Christian Writers Conference (WI)


"Writing & Marketing Devotional Manuscripts - 7 Steps to Publication" Workshop

Using her 20+ years of experience, Beth teaches how to successfully write and market these much sought-after manuscripts.

Past events for this topic: 2005 Poets and Wordsmiths Writer's Conference (Hartford WI)


Writing & Marketing Devotional Manuscripts Seminar

A "hands-on" seminar where writers learn the empowering basics during three fifty-minute workshops:

[1] "Writing Successful Devotions---Part One: What Is a Devotion?" (where to start and how to identify the types and parts of devotions)

[2] "Writing Successful Devotions---Part Two: Let's Do It! (the stages of planning and writing an actual devotion)

[3] "Targeting Your Devotional Manuscript Markets" (successful submission techniques from locating market information to managing editor relationships).

Past events for this topic: 2007 Lighthouse Christian Writers Fall Seminar (Oconto WI)


"Writing for Anthologies"

Break into print by writing for anthology projects. The opportunities abound for placing a short manuscript in these multiple author compilation books. Beth will cover the advantages of writing for them, where to find projects suited to the individual writer, how to develop and slant a manuscript to a particular project, and more.

Past events for this topic: 2009 & 2010 Green Lake Christian Writers Conferences (WI)


"Your Golden Key to Publication---Making the Most of a Writer's Conference "

Learn how to make your conference experience enhance your God-given writing career goals and jump-start your manuscripts' publication prospects.

Past events for this topic: Oshkosh Area Writers Club (WI)

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